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If you’re one of the many people who have difficulty relaxing at the dentist office, we can help. Maybe you even have fear about dental work – that’s not uncommon. Dr. Ouellette and our compassionate team won’t judge you for your anxiety, or for the condition of your smile. We just want to make it easy for you to get the dental care you need to achieve and maintain your oral health.

That’s why we offer two different sedation options for our patients. Sedation dentistry, combined with our skills and expertise, will ensure your visit with us goes smoothly – you’ll walk out of our Bryant, AR dentist office a happy, smiling patient. Here’s what you can expect from our stress-free dental care:

  • Expert treatment in a relaxed, welcoming environment.
  • Less anxiety about future dental visits – you will know what to expect next time.
  • Attention to detail to catch small dental problems before they worsen.
  • Recommendations for treatments to enhance your smile.
  • Increased confidence that your smile is aesthetically pleasing.

Get the dental care your smile deserves! Call 501-214-6126 today to make an appointment. Our friendly office is located at 5921 Hwy. 5 N., in Bryant’s historic Andrew Hunter House.

Take Your Choice of Sedation

Dr. Ouellette believes in giving his patients choices in their dental care. To make sure your procedure goes off without a hitch, we offer you two options for sedation. We will be happy to discuss both of these in detail, answering any questions you may have about sedation or about your procedure. Choose either one of these types of sedation:

  • Inhaled sedation– Using a comfortable mask, we will administer a precise mixture of a sedative commonly referred to as “laughing gas.” Almost immediately you will experience a sensation of euphoria and calmness. This type of sedation is very common and is safe even for children. You will remain fully awake during your procedure and able to ask any questions. Afterward, the sedative’s effects will diminish quickly so you will be able to drive yourself home safely.
  • Oral conscious sedation– If you need a somewhat stronger sedative, Dr. Ouellette will prescribe a small pill to take before your appointment. By the time your procedure begins, you will be in a fully relaxed state and may even be slightly groggy. You will remain awake during your procedure, although some patients do doze off, especially with a higher dosage. Afterward, you probably won’t remember much about your visit. The pill’s effects will take several hours to wear off, so you will need to have someone available to drive you home.

No matter which of our sedation options you choose, you’ll be in good hands with Dr. Ouellette and our skillful dental team. Call us today to schedule your appointment for anxiety-free dentistry: 501-214-6126. You can also use our online form to make an appointment.

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