In Bryant, AR, Dental Implants Restore More Than Smiles

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You need a solid foundation to build anything. To rebuild a smile, that foundation often starts with dental implants. Once your implants are placed by a specialist, we can restore them to give you a beautiful smile … and a lot more!

Implants have taken restorative dentistry to another level. By getting implants, you can:

  • Smile with confidence.
  • Speak naturally.
  • Talk without any worries that your teeth will fall out.
  • Eat anything you want, anytime you want to eat it.
  • Chew your food comfortably and easily.

Implants have a better than 96 percent success rate, and they can last the rest of your life with proper care. If you are missing one or more teeth, you owe it to yourself to visit David L. Ouellette, DDS, PA at 5921 Hwy. 5 N. Our Bryant, AR dentist office is not far from Mills Park. Call 501-214-6126 to make your appointment.

Take Control of Your Teeth Replacement

Implants replace the roots of your teeth. They will anchor your new teeth in your smile and keep them right where you want them to be. With implants, your new tooth or teeth will look and feel like the real thing.

You also won’t have to worry about loose dentures or denture adhesives. Instead, you will feel like you have a new set of natural, strong, and healthy teeth. Dentures alone can restore about 20 percent of your original biting power. With implants to support them, you could bring back 85 percent of your bite force within a matter of months.

Replace a Single Tooth or Every Tooth in Your Mouth

Implants can work for anyone who is missing any number of teeth. One implant can support a dental crown to give you a completely new tooth from top to bottom. Multiple implants can secure dental bridges and dentures.

Dr. Ouellette can work with a specialist to get your dental implants, then he can restore your smile. To learn more, start with a consultation at David L. Ouellette, DDS, PA. Request an appointment by filling out our online form or by calling 501-214-6126.

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