You Could Gain From A Tooth Extraction

You cracked a tooth and now it hurts so bad you can hardly focus on your work. Your son could use braces, but he’s got some crowding issues that will make his treatment much more complicated.

Meanwhile, your mother has had partial dentures for years, but now her last remaining teeth are going bad.

What do all of you have in common? You all might benefit from oral surgery at the office of Dr. David L. Ouellette in Bryant, AR. To be more specific, a tooth extraction could set you up for long-term oral health.

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Gain Something By Losing

A vast majority of the time, we want to help you keep your teeth. That’s why we do restorative treatments such as tooth fillings, dental crowns, and root canals. These procedures are easier on you than tooth removal, and they preserve more of your natural teeth.

With that noted, you should take out teeth when they are causing problems or are preventing you from better long-time oral health. Here are a few examples:

▶ A severely damaged tooth — Whether you have a cracked tooth, a broken tooth, or an infected tooth, our first option will be restorative care. If a tooth is too weak for a crown or a root canal, then we can discuss removing and replacing it instead.

By taking out the tooth, we can replace it with an implant-supported crown. The dental implants replaced the root of the tooth. The crown restores the appearance of your smile. Together, you can bite and chew just like you could when your natural tooth was healthy and strong.

▶ To make orthodontic care easier — Straightening your teeth with Invisalign or other treatments offer a lot of benefits. When your teeth are in line, your smile looks nicer. They also are easier to brush and floss, which is good for maintaining your oral health.

If someone has primary teeth that haven’t fallen out or teeth that are crowded together, however, orthodontic treatment can become much more complicated. By removing a few teeth, you may be able to make this process faster and more effective in the long run.

▶ To allow for better teeth replacements — For patients living with partial dentures, their final teeth can wear down over time as well. And if they’ve already lost several teeth, holding on to a few could be an obstacle to a better solution — implant-supported dentures.

Now, we are not recommending this for every patient, but for some people, taking out those last few teeth creates space for a series of implants. These can support a set of full dentures, which will restore more of the function of their missing teeth.

When you can bite and chew naturally, you are able to eat a wider variety of foods. That can mean better nutrition and better overall health, too.

Find Out More

For some patients, tooth extraction can make a big difference in how their oral and overall health. Talk to Dr. Ouellette to learn more about whether a removal could help you or someone you love.

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