Smile Bright With Professional Teeth Whitening

What do you have planned for the summer?

Will you be going to a wedding or two? Going on vacation with your family or taking a trip with your friends? Maybe you are expecting to host or attending cookouts?

In any case, we hope you have a good time … and that you are happy sharing your smile with the people around you. We also know from experience that many people feel self-conscious when their teeth are yellow or dark. Fortunately, we also have a way to fix that at our Bryant, AR dental office.

Professional teeth whitening can revive your smile and give you a self-confidence boost. Call 501-214-6126 to visit the office of Dr. David L. Ouellette.

Discover The Professional Difference

A lot of things can add to the stains your teeth. Spaghetti sauce, strawberries, pizza, pie, soft drinks, wine, and tobacco products … pretty much anything that will stain your shirt will also stain your teeth.

Now, it’s pretty normal for teeth to become stained over time. If you plan to continue eating food and drinking more than just water, the stains will develop slowly. Because this is gradual, you probably don’t notice the small changes as they are happening.

Then, one day you are looking in the mirror or you see a photo, and you realize how different your teeth look compared to how bright they used to be.

We know it can be tempting to try over-the-counter whitening products, but it’s still important to talk to a dentist before you use any whitening product with a bleaching agent.

If you are a good candidate for whitening, our professional-strength products can remove more of the stains from your teeth in less time than over-the-counter options.

We offer Zoom in-office whitening that can improve the color of your teeth in about an hour. We also offer take-home products with custom-made whitening trays, which keeps the whitening gel where it needs to stay to be as effective as possible.

What If Whitening Isn’t A Good Idea?

As beneficial as whitening can be for many people, it may not be a good option for everyone. If you already have composite fillings, then the bleaching agents can create problems. At that same time, you may have discoloration for reasons that are unrelated to staining, in which case, whitening won’t have much effect.

Thankfully, there is another way to create the bright, white smile that you want.

Dental veneers are another great option. Veneers are like covers for your teeth. By bonding them to the front of your smile, your teeth can look as white as you want them to be.

Veneers have an added advantage as well. They are more resistant to staining than natural teeth. As a result, you can keep that white smile longer with proper care.

Let Your Smile Shine This Summer

No matter what you have planned for the months ahead, give yourself another reason to smile this summer. Schedule a professional teeth whitening treatment with Dr. Ouellette in Bryant, AR.

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