Find Out How We Can Keep Kids’ Smiles Healthy

You are trying to get everyone in position. You just need to get one photo with everyone smiling.

Thankfully, you don’t have to worry about your family’s smile. Your kids are cavity-free, and their teeth look healthy. (Your smiles looks pretty good, too, by the way.)

By bringing your kids to our Fort Smith, AR office for pediatric dental care , your family is in great hands. Our team wants to help the people with your favorite smile stay as healthy as they can be.

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Introduce Your Kids To Quality Dentistry

February is Children’s Dental Health Month. That makes this a good time to let you know that we enjoy caring for kids at our practice.

In fact, we welcome you to bring your children to see us when their first tooth comes in or before their first birthday. (If someone has a tooth, then they can develop tooth decay.)

Your child’s first dental appointment should be a fun experience. We want your kids to feel comfortable. This is our chance to make a first impression, and meeting our child-friendly team can make future dental visits for you and your little one.

During this initial appointment, we do want to check their teeth and gums. While we want to check their progress, it’s equally important to let your child understand what we do. This may just mean counting their teeth. For us, it’s important to make this a happy visit for your child and you.

When kids are older, we’ll conduct more thorough cleanings and exam. We also use technology to make these visits as efficient and effective as they can be. A great example of this is our DIAGNOdent cavity detection system. This tool helps us detect decay much earlier than we could with a visual inspection, which means we can treat decay much sooner as well.

We feel confident that seeing how our team interacts with your kids will give you confidence that they are in good hands. This appointment also is an opportunity for you to learn about our many services. Please feel free to ask about things you can do at home to encourage good oral health as well.

Be Prepared For Your Child’s Changing Needs

As your children get older, their dental needs will change.

By the time your kids are 6 or 7 years old, we will want to perform an orthodontic exam. By this age, we can often see developmental issues that may require orthodontic care when your kids are little older.

This can help you and your child prepare for this kind of treatment. At our office, we offer Invisalign clear aligners. This system does not require brackets and wires to move teeth. It’s proven to be effective for many patients throughout our area.

Keep Your Kids Happy & Healthy

Good oral health is important for people of all ages. As a parent, you want your kids to keep smiling for many years to come. Dr. Ouellette and the rest of our team are happy to help however we can.

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