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Imagine this scenario …

You are walking down the street. You don’t have any plans. It’s just a nice day, and you want to be outside to enjoy the weather. The sun’s shining, but it’s not too hot.

Then someone yells, “Heads up.”

You turn just in time to get hit in the mouth with a baseball. You don’t feel any pain at first as a couple of kids run over to you. Both are apologizing, then one asks a question. “Is that your tooth?”

It sure looks like a tooth on the ground. When you feel inside your mouth, one of your teeth seems to be broken. You also seem to be bleeding.

You are in the middle of a dental emergency , which is a good reason to pull out your cell phone and call 501-214-6126 to get in touch with Dr. David L. Ouellette in Bryant, AR. But what should you do before you can meet with us in person? We’ll answer that question in today’s post.

What You Should Do

When you have a broken tooth, it’s often because of some kind of impact, whether that’s a baseball to the mouth, walking or running into something, or someone running into you. In any case, it’s likely to cause some pain and some bleeding. You will want to deal with both as soon as you are able.

First, you should rinse your mouth with water. If you can find the piece of your tooth, rinse that as well. Then, you can use gauze to soak blood if the bleeding continues. You may need to repeat this process a few times until the bleeding stops.

At this point, you should cover your broken tooth. This can have a sharp edge, which could cut the soft tissues of your mouth. Gauze or dental wax is a good way to keep the broken piece protected.

An over-the-counter pain reliever can help you until you are able to get to our office. Another option is to apply an ice or cold pack to your mouth. This can numb the area and reduce swelling at the same time.

Help When You Need It

When you need emergency dental care, we’ll make every effort to see you that same day. We understand that you want to fix this problem as soon as you can, and we want to end any pain you might be experiencing.

We can use our sedation options to block pain, keep you calm, and begin the treatment you need. For a broken tooth, this may mean trying to reattach the broken part (when possible), but it also may mean reshaping what’s left of the tooth to support a dental crown. It the event of a deep break, it may be necessary to remove and replace the tooth.

Keep Our Number Handy

Broken teeth are just one of many kinds of dental emergencies that we can help you treat. Dr. Ouellette wants you to stop suffering so you can restore your smile quickly. Call 501-214-6126 if you need emergency care or save our number now, just in case you need it.

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